Eurauto Inc. | Tim Brockman

Tim Brockman

Tim is the sole owner of Eurauto

On top of handling the day to day operations of the business, Tim also spends lots of time out on the shop floor. He is very talented with just about any tool you can imagine, from a paint gun to a welder. When the tough jobs need to get figured out, Tim is the one you always know will get it sorted out.

Fun Facts

Tim is currently working on building an Audi RS4 from the ground up, using an A4 wagon as the shell. The RS4 is a European super car that was produced in limited numbers and was never brought over to the states, mainly because of its performance. The engine and other hard parts were recovered from one that caught fire in Germany. He is well on his way to having it running by next spring. The finished product will surely turn some heads.

Eurauto Inc. | Audi RS4

Woodworking is also one of Tim’s talents. Aside from furniture, he makes string instruments. His guitars are not only amazing to the ear, they are breathtaking to the eye.