Welcome To Eurauto, Inc.

Eurauto is different

A great deal of uncertainty seems to circle around automobile repair.

  • “When it is going to be completed?”
  • “How much is it going to cost?”
  • “Can I have that explanation in English?”

We understand all of this.

It all comes back to basic communication. In a typical shop, when you drop your car off you are met by a service writer. These folks are there to translate your concerns into “mechanic language” so the technicians know what to fix. The downfall of this is that most service writers don’t know a whole lot more about cars then most drivers do! Its an extra step that can yield poor results.

How are we different?

When you come in to Eurauto, you will be greeted by a qualified technician that will address your concerns and fix what needs fixed, period. We take the time to show you what is wrong with your car, and how much it is going to cost and why.

Why it works

The personal touch goes along way with our customers. Nearly 80% of the work we do is for customers we have had for years. This work begins to grow on a personal level. It is no longer just a “car,” its Bill’s BMW, or Mrs. Clark’s Honda. This is what makes the difference. Once you have a history on a vehicle, it begins to speak for itself, and that is the magic of what we do.