Tire Maintenance

With the weather getting colder and leaves starting to fall, the most important item to address on your vehicle is tires. When tires are installed on your vehicle, most come with 10/32 tread depth. Over time and miles you lose tread depth. At 4/32 you start to lose wet traction and again at 2/32 you lose dry traction.  To be safe we recommend tires to be replaced at 4/32 tread depth. Tires more than six years old can rot and start to crack making them dangerous to drive on.

Keeping your tire pressures properly maintained is important for many reasons. If your tire pressure is under or over inflated it will cause uneven wear. When tires wear unevenly, you may experience vehicle pull. During the colder parts of the year, tires will lose air, so its important to check the pressure often or stop by we can take care of it for you. Another good reason to keep the tires at the correct pressure is it will help with fuel economy.

Another thing to keep in mind is different tire types. Some vehicle are equipped with summer tires while others have all-season tires. Summer tires are excellent in summer but have very poor traction in winter. All-season tires are good year round but don't excel in any one season. For better piece of mind, invest in winter tires. Winter tires gain their advantage not only because they have superior tread patterns that are designed for traction on ice and snow, but also because they employ softer rubber compounds to enhance grip. 

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